Julliana grew up in Brazil and graduated with an advanced degree in Architecture and Interior Design. Post-graduation, she had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the best names in the design field. Julliana moved to the US and continued her design carrier with internationally renowned fashion brands. While working in the fashion industry, she had the idea to launch her own boutiques and shoe collection. This is where the J.Garten brand was born!

J.Garten is an Interior and Fashion Design Company that creates both beautiful spaces and fashionable jewelry for our remarkable customers. Because of her success with the J.Garten brand, Julliana has been invite to participate in prestigious fashion events, runway shows, magazine publications, and tv fashion segments.

The Design world is Julliana’s passion and she loves working with her clients, creating special spaces in their homes, offices, staging, styling. On this website, we document her adventures in interior and fashion design, exclusive events and lifestyle. On behalf of Julliana and the J.Garten team, we hope that you love this site and the experiences with in it as much as we do.